CariClub is at the intersection of corporate and social engagement, creating the first and only professional network driven by social impact. We built the product to streamline on-boarding and helped drive fundraising strategy.


The CariClub team had a clear vision, but their previous platform wasn’t able to drive deep employee engagement.

CariClub sought a friendlier, more approachable platform that could drive regular participation from both employees and corporations.


  • Product Management
  • Front-end Development
  • Brand Exploration
  • UX/UI


  • 2016 - 2018


We started by focusing on user research.

Every decision we made around the product was designed to deliver value for both CariClub's corporate clients and their employees alike. We sat down to understand the goals of key stakeholders and other interacting players which included nonprofit boards and even the CariClub team. Understanding each user on the platform, their key goals, and current pain points led way to comprehensive user flows and anew UI system to help lead each user through their desired paths.

"Everyone at Lumenary believes wholeheartedly that CariClub can be a big business ... you have to believe in what CariClub stands for. Then we can unlock the potential to be a driving force for good.



The new platform emphasized individual growth and onboarding.

Personalized onboarding helped users discover a cause they can commit to, intelligently matching them to nonprofit associate boards and other networks.

CariClub is live with several of the largest banks, private equity funds, and law firms in the world. The company has gone on to close a strategic financing round from Morgan Stanley as part of their incubator, and Lumenary is now the core of their entire product management and design team, engaging in everything from sprint planning to new feature rollouts.