Secure lending with BlockChain
BlockFi is providing liquidity in a secure, transparent, and efficient way, reimagining financial services in today's digital asset economy.

Designing for

BlockFi is changing the current accessibility 
and use of crypto assets within the financial services industry. To do that—alongside financial gurus, operations talent, and engineering super humans—BlockFi needed a way to make their product accessible to their users.

Because blockchain is fairly new to consumer-facing interfaces, there is a challenge in creating designs that would encourage people to use an unfamiliar and complex technology.

Lumenary is working closely with BlockFi to develop their branding, marketing, and UI/UX. As we evolve the logo, the brand, and products, the question we constantly are asking is: would consumers trust BlockFi as an authentic and secure bank institution, as well as an up-and-coming technology company?

Translating formulas
into simple data visualizations

Working closely with the BlockFi team and our strategists at Lumenary, our designers were able to take the product research and visualize the concept of crypto-backed lending for users visiting the site.

The result was a step-by-step calculator that easily takes the user through the process of finding out their loan, its cost, and a comparison to market value speculations. 
Play around with it at

More to come

As we continue to work on BlockFi’s first product, we’ll continue to create solutions for the challenges of working with blockchain processes and integrations. The goal is to further advance blockchain consumer-facing product design to help make this unfamiliar, yet evolving technology accessible to all.

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