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CariClub is at the intersection of corporate and social engagement, creating the first and only professional network driven by social impact.

The professional network
for social impact

CariClub is the first talent retention platform built around continuous professional and social growth and development. Young professionals can explore the CariClub platform to discover nonprofits that interest them, interact and engage with other members who share their passions, and join associate boards to make an impact.

In a time where employee turnover is at its highest, we recognized that organizations who can create a culture defined by meaningful work and foster deep employee engagement will be the ones able to attract and retain top talent.

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Every nuanced decision we made around the product was designed to deliver value for both CariClub's corporate clients and their employees alike. From learning their interests to help them better understand themselves to intelligently matching them to nonprofit associate boards, the CariClub platform has truly become one of a kind.

Visualize each profile's sphere of influence. Emphasize discovery. Create modulated cards, highlight the same information   Involve more friends. Distinguish channels and permissions

Changing the future
of nonprofits for good

The foundation for the future of social impact has already been laid with the relaunch of CariClub’s new platform. Our next challenge will be to shift the conversation back to the nonprofits, giving them the tools they need to help mobilize this next generation of leaders as they make their mark on the world.

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