FROM PHYSICAL to virtual
An IT infrastructure company that built its business out of solutions for physical datacenters needed to adapt to a future that was virtual.

A strategic review
from end-to-end

In order to restructure the business, we had to first understand the power of their brand equity, the value customers placed on their existing product and the structural readiness of the organization to adopt innovation and new market opportunities.

A rigorous data collection exercise to understand the TAM, market share, and competitive landscape helped draw out the insights needed to develop a new strategic roadmap for the firm.

From infrastructure management
to service optimization

The organization's original intent with our engagement was to determine how to reposition them for success in data center infrastructure management (DCIM), shifting from simulations to real-time monitoring. Our market research convinced us that the DCIM market was already maturing and the time to market required would be too little too late.

Data center service optimization (DCSO) could expand the scope of DCIM beyond physical infrastructure and into virtual resources to help them compete through end-to-end data center management processes.

Delivering on strategy
excelling with execution

The move towards DCSO was a strategic advantage as the organization had no legacy infrastructure to work around while the competition was continuing to build on top of existing solutions. Resources that were stagnating before were successfully retrained to complement the offering with an entire professional services arm. As part of this new rollout, we put the weight of our product strategy team behind the efforts to ensure everything from strategy to product execution and go to market of the new platform was a success.

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