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Speakr is the preeminent influencer marketing platform, powering social campaigns for the Fortune 500. We helped them build a platform to perform at scale.

Influencer management
from start to finish

Speakr built the influencer marketing industry from the ground up, back when the biggest Fortune 500 brands never even knew what an influencer was. With over 2,000 campaigns under their belt and 40,000 influencers at the ready, they have become the de facto influencer marketing leaders by striking partnerships with the some of the biggest content producers in the world.

A brilliantly simple solution
for a complex market

Their astronomical growth has coincided with the constant need to adapt and innovate to push the industry forward. We stepped in to help pivot them away from a resource-intensive model to a full-blown SaaS offering. With that, they've been able to transform a market that knew only managed service and turn them into true SaaS believers.

From concepts to wireframes, to full fledged designs, Speakr's platform was a partnership born from thousands of hours of brainstorming, collaboration, and UI/UX strategy. The result is a truly one of a kind influencer marketing platform for brands to effortlessly create, activate, track, analyze and optimize every one of their campaigns.

Influencer marketing is still an industry that is finding its way. To that end, we sought to create a brand for Speakr that would place them squarely at the forefront of innovation and solidify their position as the market leader. The heart and soul of Speakr is being bold, confident and creative.

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